Recruiting and Compliance infographic Recruitment and compliance go hand-in-hand when developing a diverse workforce. URGENT BULLETIN RE: RECRUITMENT & COMPLIANCE Diverse candidates bring a unique skill set to the workplace because of their life experiences. In the past decade, diversity and inclusion has become widely accepted and is now imperative for company growth. Racially and ethnically diverse organizations have annual profits that surpass non-diverse organizations by 35%. 79% of companies believe that diversity initiatives have a positive impact on company culture. Developing a diverse workforce is more than meeting requirements. In many ways, diversity and compliance can help organizations achieve their business goals. The “What” and “Why” of Compliance & Recruiting The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) is put in place to assess the effectiveness of the contractors Affirmative Action Program (AAP). It is important to have a recruitment and applicant tracking system (ATS) that keeps up with the ever changing compliance regulations and assists with your recruiting record keeping. Compliance regulations ensure that minorities receive equal treatment throughout the recruiting process, and shouldn’t be seen as obstacles in the hiring process. An ATS with job distribution to diversity-focused job boards can also help companies reach qualified individuals with the desired skill sets. Employers who use an ATS to hire found a 49% improvement in candidate quality. 94% of HR leaders say their ATS or recruiting software has positively impacted their hiring processes by creating compliance and delivering a specialized skill set. 41% of companies lack any Hispanic, African American, or Asian American executives, despite the fact that diversity fosters creativity and generates the best ideas for people in all levels of the company.