Next-Level Onboarding infographic Onboarding begins on day one and sets the tone for the new hire's quality of work and productivity. NEXT-LEVEL ONBOARDING. GET GOOD AT IT. IT MATTERS. Only 12% of employees strongly agree their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees. Your team deserves better. IF NOTHING ELSE, DO THIS. • Start before Day 1.• Customize using your company brand & culture.• Include co-workers & managers.• Help your new hire feel like part of the team.• Make it last at least 12 months.• Measure your process through ongoing feedback and tracking. 33%of employees decide to quit within the first 30 days . BEFORE DAY 1: • Personally follow-up with your new hire.• Communicate to your team.• Assign a ground team to prep for the first day.• Take care of all the necessary forms so the first day can be about getting comfortable. . FINALLY, ON THE JOB: • Designate a team member to greet the new hire upon arrival.• Deliver a welcome packet with all logins, answers to FAQs.• Set goals for the next few days.• Tour the workspace.• Focus on primary introductions. 50% GREATER NEW HIRE RETENTION In organizations with a standard onboarding process experience . ONGOING ONBOARDING. • Assign appropriate training & instructors• Frequent casual check-ins• More formal progress reviews every few weeks• Track your onboarding success . | | 888.482.7021 SOURCES: | Gallup