Hiring & Retaining the ’Right People‘

The goal of most organizations is to have a robust workforce that supports the right people in the right positions. It is equally important to develop a set of systems and a culture that keeps them in those positions and excited to be there. However, the current reality for the construction industry is the challenge of not only an insufficient quantity of craft workers, supervisors, managers and staff for available positions, but also an industry that may not be appealing enough to attract and retain the younger Millennials or the upcoming Generation Z.

Download this webinar to learn how to:

  • Explore recruiting strategies and assessments to improve your chances of initially getting the right people to your front door
  • Understand primary elements to watch for during the recruiting process to hire hiring quality employees
  • Identify the leadership styles that motivate people and create a productive environment
  • Discover the common mistakes that companies may make when addressing poor employee retention


Shirley RamosShirley Ramos
Training Consultant