BirdDogHR and OutSolve

Tired of struggling to track your recruitment process? Changes in OFCCP requirements make staying in compliance difficult? With BirdDogHR™, your hunt just got easier!

Compliance requirements for state and federal contractors continue to change. The information you need to track is not always gathered. With BirdDogHR’s Recruitment and Applicant Tracking Software, we’ll help you collect the information you need plus we’ll help you track your hiring process so reporting on your efforts becomes easier too.

BirdDogHR’s comprehensive solution offers a pro-active, streamlined, diversified recruitment approach that allows you to take control by leveraging the top talent acquisition resources, services, networks and on-going coaching to help you reach a diversified audience. With BirdDogHR, you’ll be able to reach the top talent your organization needs to grow and keep objective records of the hiring process.

BirdDogHR's unique System Guided Dispositioning prompts your hiring managers to select the reason why an applicant exited the recruitment process, ensuring you’re collecting the data you need in the event of an audit.

About BirdDogHR

BirdDogHR offers comprehensive talent management software and managed services — everything you need to guide the entire employee lifecycle. The cloud-based talent management system is straightforward and easy to use, so you can safely focus on implementing strategy — not learning new software or worrying it won’t keep up with changing regulations. Managed services operate as an extension of your HR department and deliver the expertise and focus you need. Organizations can see ROI in effective growth management, bottom line results and compliance peace of mind. BirdDogHR specializes in high-consequence and government contracting industries because they have unique needs. Companies from other industries can use the BirdDogHR talent management solution — and they do — but the solution is built with the most rigorous compliance needs in mind. Visit us online at