State of Construction Recruiting

Are you having challenges finding the talent that you need? You’re not alone — talent acquisition is a challenge for many construction companies. The way that companies address this challenge will define their growth opportunity in the near future and longevity over the long term. View the infographic below to get the macro level view of what’s going on in construction human resources recruiting and compliance.

You don’t have to tackle these challenges alone — BirdDogHR can help your company automate your recruiting process so you can focus on building your business.

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Employers top challenge is finding qualified candidates.

Macro Trends

  • Nationwide Shortage: 70MM BabyBoomers are retiring, yet there are only 42MM workers to replace them.
  • The Talent Aquisition Crisis is Expensive: Companies spend 90-200% of an employee's annual salary to hire a new employee.

SMB Trends

  • Top Talent Acquisition Challenges: Sourcing, Assessment and Hiring
  • Top 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill*
    1. Skilled Trade Workers
    2. Sales Representatives
    3. Engineers
    4. Technicians
    5. Drivers
    6. Management/Executives
    7. Accounting & Finance Staff
    8. Office Support Staff
    9. IT Staff
    10. Production/Machine Operations
  • How Do Your Hiring Practices Compare?
    • 32% of U.S. employers report difficulty filling jobs.
      • Top 5 Reasons Employers Have Difficulty Filling Open Positions
        • 47%: Lack of Technical Competencies (Hard Skills)
        • 39%: Lack of Workplace Competencies (Soft Skills)
        • 36%: Lack of Available Applicants/No Applicants
        • 30%: Looking for More Pay than is Offered
        • 25%: Lack of Experience
    • 56% of U.S. employers believe the talent shortage has a medium to high impact on their ability to meet client needs.
      • Top 5 Reasons Talent Shortages/Skills Gaps Are Most Likely to Impact Employers
        • 45%: Reduced Ability to Serve Clients
        • 37%: Reduced Competitiveness/Productivity
        • 31%: Increased Employee Turnover
        • 31%: Lower Employee Engagement/Morale
        • 27%: Higher Compensation Costs

*A construction company may have as many as 8 of the 10 hardest positions to fill.

OFCCP Budget & Enforcement Grows

  • FY2016 will see a 7% (or $7 million) OFCCP operations increase over FY2015.
  • Focus on Construction: #3 Priority for OFCCP in 2016 is eliminating gender, racial and ethnicity-based discrimination in the construction trades.

BirdDogHR State of Construction Recruiting infographic

Recruiting and hiring in the construction industry is a challenge that isn’t getting any easier. BirdDogHR can help. BirdDogHR offers comprehensive talent management software and managed services — everything you need to guide the entire employee lifecycle from recruiting to retirement. Construction companies across the nation see ROI in effective growth management, bottom line results and compliance peace of mind. If you need to improve candidate quality and quantity, shorten time to hire, centralize learning, and increase employee productivity visit us online at


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