Hold the Phone! Mobile Recruiting is Here to Stay.

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9 in 10 job seekers report they are likely to use a mobile device during their job search within the next 12 months.

Finding and hiring top talent can be nearly impossible without the proper online processes in place. Having a mobile-optimized career site has become crucial to attracting today’s job seekers.

Pick it Up!

Mobile recruiting called and it is here to stay. According to Forbes Magazine, more job searches take place on a mobile device than the desktop, yet many human resource departments lack the technology to recruit top talent.

  • 73% of Millennial job seekers found their last job through a social media site.
  • 70% of job seekers use their smartphone of tablet as a critical took in their search.

Mobile recruiting has become the dominate form of recruiting today. The BirdDogHR Applicant Tracking System (ATS) makes your career site mobile-optimized so job seekers find your jobs online.

Get Hooked!

Mobile recruiting has transitioned from a trend to an established form of hiring. As millions of Millennials enter the work force, they expect a quick and easy online applicant process. If job seekers don’t experience this with your company, they will apply for jobs with competitors.

  • 2 in 5 job seekers say their perception of a company is negatively impacted if a company career site is not mobile-optimized.

Give the applicant what they want with a fast application process. Don’t let your competitors steal the top talent.

Never Put it Down!

With an online and mobile friendly application process, your company is always recruiting. Keep your brand front and center in a candidate’s mind as they become a part of your talent community.

  • Companies that have a formal candidate relationship processes through software and track their applicant communications are 40% more likely to be “best in class.”
  • BirdDogHR ATS has saved companies up to 15 hours a week in recruiting time and helped increased employee retention by 25% in just 12 months.

When a candidate sees that your company has 365 day recruiting, they will be more compelled to apply for your open positions. Deliver the speed and convenience of a straightforward, easy to use mobile experience to job seekers, managers and HR professionals with the BirdDogHR ATS.

BirdDogHR Mobile Recruiting infographic

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