Bridge the Skill Gap with Employee Development

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Employees are the core of your organization. Equip them with the necessary training and knowledge to increase productivity. When you develop employees and align employee and company’ll improve employee retention and company performance.

The Gap

Today’s skill gap is a big deal. Your company’s productivity levels depend on employees keeping those skills current and advancing them.

  • 41% of employees who report “poor” training opportunities at their job plan to leave, compared to just 12% who report excellent training programs.
  • Most people only retain 10% of what they hear. When information is presented in a variety of ways through interactive methods, retention rates can increase up to 90%.

The Bridge

Learning can be used as a tool to align employee skills and company goals. Not only is a Learning Management System (LMS) cost effective, but it saves time by being able to inform and train employees anywhere. Centralized information is quick and easy to access — even via a mobile device. Access to this type of learning support builds confidence and motivation to work toward achieving company goals.

  • 65% of employers using a LMS state they have higher course completion rates from their employees, resulting in a 37% increase in employee productivity.
  • Learning Management Systems can save organizations up to 50% compared to trainer-led education costs.
  • Learning occurs 50% faster online than it does in a classroom.

The Success

When a LMS is easily accessible and enables learning to take place anytime, anywhere, employees are more likely to retain and engage with the information.

  • Today, 77% of American companies offer online corporate training to improve the skill development of their employees.
  • 90% of LMS administrators plan to maintain or increase their investments in LMS systems over the next year.

The opportunity to develop and master new skills is critical to your top performers. As your company invests in their learning you are also helping them create a career path within your organization.

At BirdDogHR, we understand that closing the skill gap and developing existing employees can improve morale and engagement within an organization. That’s why BirdDogHR delivers a cloud-based learning management system that shares knowledge to improve workforce productivity.

BirdDogHR Learning Management infographic

For more information on the Learning Management solution, go online to learn about Getting Started with Learning Management and Talent Management Trends in 2016.

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